EartHeart Living


This is intended to be a spiritual living website of learning, practicing, and living a heartfelt connection with mother earth. This can only come about by you caring and living in your heart. The Hopi Prophecy clearly states that your true heart is either open or closed. The Hopi called it one-hearted or two-hearted. Only the one hearted will continue in building the new fifth world.

The roots of Earth Heart Living begin with the book, Hopi Prophecy Now – One Heart Awakening book available from The traditional Hopi wisdom of life teaches blending with the Earth and celebrating life.

EartHeart Living was created to go deeper, and practice a way of life in harmony with the natural world. Check back often to see the site progress. We are in the process of creating a forum, as well as an online portal for starting Spirit Groups in your communities. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for, Please join now to receive notifications, intereact, and connect with a spirit circle near you!

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