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EartHeart Living was created to go deeper, and practice a way of life in harmony with the natural world. Check back often to see the site progress. We are in the process of creating a forum, as well as an online portal for starting Spirit Groups in your communities. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for, Please join now to receive notifications, interact, and connect with a spirit circle near you!

EartHeart Spirit Circles

EartHeart Spirit Circles consist of a multiple-week gathering and is designed to bring people together in practice as a living community by implementing some real and lasting change. Gatherings are welcome to continue for a lifetime. If a new group of members shows interest, start another. There will be regional one-hearted gatherings that will be announced  throughout the year. Stay in touch on the web.
In addition to recognizing, exploring, and practicing the basic principles of one-heartedness, there are thirteen specific principles to be taken into consideration in EartHeart Spirit Circles. Each week a specific principle is the topic of focus, discussion, and experiential practice.


Create peace in our Hearts and peace with the Earth. To introduce, inspire, and integrate ancestral Hopi and Tibetan Buddhist wisdoms in order to create a practice and symbiosis of present-moment awareness with a living reverence for Mother Earth and all creation.


To bring people together in a safe and nurturing environment to foster inner and outer peace. To articulate and create healthy lifestyles and practices that provide healing for Mother Earth. To investigate and create one-hearted communities that are self-reliant and sustainable. To apply our collective insights and wisdom to our everyday lives as well as our long-term visions and goals. To create a worldwide connection during challenging and auspicious times. To start EartHeart Spirit Circles in sacred prayer and ceremony.

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